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Dec. 1, 2022
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Rebecca's Top 5 Items to Order at Ancient Grounds

Rebecca's Top 5 Items to Order at Ancient Grounds

Welcome to Rebecca’s Top 5, where I tell you about some of my favorite things at the Memphis Zoo! First, let me tell you a bit about myself—my name is Rebecca Winchester, and I am the Communications Specialist for the Memphis Zoo! I just graduated from the beautiful Rhodes College in May and was thrilled to receive this amazing job at the Memphis Zoo! I am a native Memphian and absolutely love working here, especially when I get to sample coffee and treats! The Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop, located at the entrance of the Memphis Zoo, is the perfect spot to get some delicious treats to make your day at the Zoo even better! Whether you need a pick-me-up or a sweet dessert, Ancient Grounds has everything you need. Not only is there something for everyone on the menu, but the vibes inside the café are wonderful. It is the perfect spot to relax or take a break during your day at the Zoo. I have decided to share with you all my Top 5 items at the Ancient Grounds Coffee Shop:


The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is a frozen, white chocolate latte that is the perfect treat to cool off and get your caffeine fix. Cold brew, made fresh every morning, is blended with a white chocolate powder, milk, and ice to make a delicious treat. The Polar Bear was shockingly tasty as I am usually someone who does not enjoy frozen coffees. 


Cinnamon Roll Latte

I had to include this drink on my list as it is President and CEO Matt Thompson’s favorite drink. It is a latte with two shots of espresso, vanilla and cinnamon flavors that mix to taste exactly like a cinnamon roll. I can confirm that this drink is the perfect treat and perfect for Fall right around the corner. Topped with cinnamon and plenty of foam, I can understand why Matt loves this drink so much!

Coffee Cake

Do not think Ancient Grounds only serves beverages because it is the perfect snack stop at the Memphis Zoo. The coffee cake is on my top 5 list, as it is a delicious breakfast or midday treat. The coffee and cinnamon flavors pair perfectly with any of the drinks above. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert, but the Ancient Grounds coffee shop’s cookies are sure to make your Zoo day even sweeter. The package comes with two large cookies packed full of chocolate chips. Grab a pack to share as you enjoy the animals or eat both… we don’t judge. 

Iced Vietnamese Copycat

Now, I didn’t tell you this, but there is a secret menu at the Ancient Grounds coffee shop. The baristas have a notebook behind the counter that contains many fun recipes. Next time you stop by, ask them their favorite drink off the secret menu. My favorite secret menu drink is the Iced Vietnamese Copycat. It is four shots of espresso, yes four, with a sweet syrup, topped with half and half. Remember, you can order any drink with oat or almond milk if dairy is not your friend. This drink is the perfect way to start your day, or the perfect afternoon pick me up. Full of caffeine and sweetness, this drink is my favorite.

Next time you are at the Memphis Zoo, stop by Ancient Grounds and try something new! If anyone asks, I did not tell you about the secret menu.