Owl Prowl
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Owl Prowl

Public Owl Prowl

October 12, 7-10 p.m.

$20 per person

Fantastic Creatures of the Memphis Zoo

Grab your wands, robes, and broomsticks as The Memphis Zoo invites all wizards and their adult muggles for our next Public Owl Prowl. Wizarding students will be able to sit in on a Care of Magical Creatures class and learn all about the animals found in the muggle and wizarding worlds. Then go on a late-night tromp through some of the forbidden grounds to experience the zoo in a in a magical new way. Guests are invited to dress as their favorite magical character. You must accept your invitation by pre-registering to join us for this magical evening.

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Private Owl Prowl

Can't spend the whole night at the Zoo?  Then how about an evening tour?  Register for an Owl Prowl and your group of 15 or more will get to experience all the fun of a Zoo Snooze, without the sleeping bags! 

Program Options:

  • Nocturnal Adventures
  • Endangered Odyssey
  • No Place Like Home

Email educationinfo@memphiszoo.org to reserve your Owl Prowl today!