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Our Team

Preserving our planet’s biodiversity is guided by knowledge of facts gained from scientific inquiry. Whether managing a forest ecosystem, restoring a disturbed habitat, or increasing the number of individuals of an endangered species, all actions are the result of dedicated people with exceptional skills who are devoting their lives to the endeavor. Without talented people there is no conservation. Here are the scientists who make up the Memphis Zoo’s Conservation and Research Team.

Dr. Sinlan Poo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Sinlan Poo (B.A. Boston University summa cum laude, Ph.D. National University of Singapore) is a Behavioral Ecologist with broad interests in reproductive mode diversity, parental care, and predator-prey interactions. Working with a wide range of tropical and temperate animals, she has conducted research projects in the US, Ecuador, Panama, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Taiwan. Her work as a post-doctoral researcher at Memphis Zoo focuses on reproductive physiology (sperm cryopreservation) and behavioral adaptations of endangered North American frogs and toads from both captive and wild populations.

For more information on her research, visit her website: https://www.sheilapoo.com/