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Our Team

Preserving our planet’s biodiversity is guided by knowledge of facts gained from scientific inquiry. Whether managing a forest ecosystem, restoring a disturbed habitat, or increasing the number of individuals of an endangered species, all actions are the result of dedicated people with exceptional skills who are devoting their lives to the endeavor. Without talented people there is no conservation. Here are the scientists who make up the Memphis Zoo’s Conservation and Research Team.

Tori Kennedy

Conservation Lab Manager

Tori Kennedy (B.S. Ohio State University, M.S. North Dakota State University) is a reproductive physiologist and the lab manager for the Conservation and Research department. Her work has spanned a variety of mammals from livestock to wildlife. In addition to managing regular hormone monitoring for many zoo animals, she also enjoys assisting with amphibian and reptile projects. One of her main research goals is to use ultrasound technology to advance the lab's research and captive breeding efforts.