Reopening FAQ
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Memphis Zoo Reopening FAQ

Am I required to wear a facial covering?

All guests visiting the zoo will not be required only strongly recommended to wear facial coverings outside but will be required to wear them at all indoor areas and exhibits to be consistent with in-public guidance.

Will I have to wait to get inside Memphis Zoo?

Memphis Zoo will limit any unnecessary contact or crowding by capping guest admission at 5,000 people at any given time.

Can I buy tickets and food with cash?

Memphis Zoo will accept cash. Major credit cards and Apple Pay, as well as cash payments, will be accepted.

Can I buy zoo tickets before my visit?

Guests can purchase tickets through our website or by phone by calling 901-333-6500

Can I leave the zoo and come back in?

All guests will be required to leave the zoo immediately after visitation to eliminate congestion on the property or in the parking lot.

Can I bring in a cooler?

No coolers will be allowed in the zoo, but food and beverages are acceptable.

Will indoor facilities be open?

Yes, indoor facilities will be open but guests will be REQUIRED to wear a facial covering and can enter at a limited capacity to make sure social distancing guidelines are being followed.

What will be unavailable at this time?

The playground outside cathouse cafe and water play areas will be unavailable at this time.