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Fall 2017

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This week-long educational program will provide exciting and interactive ways for students to learn about science.  Each class includes animal visits, tours of exhibits, chats with keepers, and more.  Students bring a non-refrigerated, non-microwavable lunch.  

Monday - Friday
September 18-22
10 A.M. to 2 P.M.
K – 8th grade: $120/members; $135/nonmembers

K-2: (5 years old by 9/1/17)

Animal Classification

We will explore how scientists group animals and investigate how the different body coverings help each classification of animals to thrive.


Home Sweet Biomes

The biomes of the world are diverse. Join us as we race around the world and explore the adaptations needed to survive different environments.


Science of Saving Species

Investigating how and why species become endangered and discovering what scientists, zoos and everyday people are doing to help conserve and protect them.

Homeschool Days

This two hour program takes our popular zoo classes and adds a homeschool twist.  Meet live animals, participate in hands-on activities and get a guided tour of exhibits. 

1st-8th Grades:  Expedition Zambezi

Grab your gear and join us as we journey down the Zambezi River. Discover how wildlife interacts with the majestic, and often dangerous, river that is the Zambezi.

Monday, October 16th

Morning Session (1st – 8th grade) 9:30am – 11:30am
Afternoon Session (1st – 8th grade) 1:00pm. - 3:00pm.
$15/members; $18/nonmembers

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1st-12th Grades:  Dissection Days
Thursday, November 16

Morning Session
9:30am – 11:30am: Starfish with coral lesson (1st-4th grades) &
Snake (5th-8th grades)

Afternoon Session
1:00pm - 3:00pm: Starfish with coral lesson (1st-4th grades) &
Snake (5th-8th grades) &
Sparrow (9th-12th grades)

$20/members; $23/nonmembers

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