Baby Hippo

Will I see the baby hippo when I come to the Zoo?

We hope so! Our plan is to have little Winnie and her mom, Binti on exhibit everyday. However, they will rotate on exhibit with our other two adult hippos, Splish and Uzazi. While everyone is adjusting to the new addition, we cannot guarantee their exact schedule. If you are planning to visit the Memphis Zoo today, click the link below to see if she will be on exhibit.

Is Winnie on exhibit today?

Winnie and Binti will be on exhibit Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.


Welcome Our Baby Hippo!

Meet Winnie!

Our little bundle of joy was named Winnie after almost 23,000 votes were cast in our naming contest.

About the Baby

Click here to read the press release announcing her birth. She was born on March 23, 2017 around 6:18 a.m. Mother and baby are bright and alert, and will be on and off-exhibit in the coming weeks. Winnie weighed 76 pounds at birth.

“Binti is an extremely attentive mother, and is very protective of her calf,” said Farshid Mehrdadfar, Curator of West Zone. “The little lady follows her mom around everywhere, and you can typically find her asleep on Binti’s nose or back.” This infant is the second for mother, Binti, and first for father, “Uzazi.”

Meet Mom

Binti, a 19-year-old female, was born at the Denver Zoo. She arrived in Memphis in 2013, from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Her name means “daughter,” or “young lady,” in Swahili.

When Zambezi opened in 2016, Binti and Splish moved to their new home. Click here to see the girls exploring their new home for the first time.

Meet Dad

Uzazi, a 16-year-old male, arrived at the Memphis Zoo in 2016, in preparation for the opening of Zambezi River Hippo Camp. His name is derived from a Swahili word meaning “good parent.”

Meet "Aunt" Splish

In addition to the baby, Binti and Uzazi, we also have "Splish" a 29-year-old female. Splish is a descendant of Adonis, the original Memphis Zoo hippo.

Can I submit photos and videos of the baby hippo?

Sure! We'd love to see them. Please email us at zooinfo@memphiszoo.org

Photos and video of our growing baby girl!


Stop back on the first Wednesday of every month for your Winnie Wednesday update. 

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