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Guest Relations

Guest Relations

The Memphis Zoo is dedicated to providing a naturalistic and enriching sanctuary for our animals, and a clean, friendly, entertaining and educational experience for our guests. We continue to do our best to ensure that this is one of the best zoos in the country.  Here you will find information to better assist you with getting in and around the zoo.  If you have any questions, please contact us by using our reservation hotline or by submitting an inquiry form by Clicking here.

A-to-Z Guide
Here is our reference guide to frequently asked items about the Memphis Zoo:



  • $12 per wheelchair
  • $32 per electric wheelchair

Enjoy your visit with a comfortable wheelchair or easily-operated electric cart- both with storage compartments. A form of I.D. is required.
Wheelchairs and electric carts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


  • Single $12
  • Double $14

Children will enjoy our colorful strollers, each with storage capacity, a canopy to block the sun, wheel locks, and easy maneuverability.

Strollers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Scooter Pals

Your visit the to Zoo just got a little WILDER! ScooterPals are fuzzy and fun electric scooter that will make you Zoo adventure even more memorable. Stop by the stroller rental near the entrance of the Zoo and find your adorable animal ride!

  • Pay as you go
  • $5 to begin the ride + $0.35 per minute
For Example:
10 Min $8.50
20 Min $12
60 Min $26

Address and Phone Number

Memphis Zoo 2000 Prentiss PL Memphis, TN 38112 Phone Number: 901.333.6500

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Locations

An ATM machine is located on the right side of the plaza, after you enter the gates. It is located next to the stroller and wheelchair rental.

Auto assistance

Should you have trouble in the parking lot, please notify guest services by visiting the front reception desk or calling 901.333.6500. Parking lot attendants will contact local service providers who can offer locksmith services, jumps, and other services.

Cameras, Audio recorders

The Memphis Zoo permits all DSLR cameras but prohibits the use of professional audio equipment including tripods and bipods. At certain events, cameras with a 3-inch camera lens or smaller are permitted. Guests are not permitted to reproduce any recording of events for commercial purposes without express written consent from the Memphis Zoo.


Have an appetite as big as a tiger? The Memphis Zoo offers a wide variety of food and beverage options at 7 different locations throughout the Zoo.  Concession stands are open during Zoo hours, weather permitting. You can view those food and drink options here.


Any guests using profane language, fighting or any acts of violence are strictly prohibited and will be removed from the Zoo.  Appropriate dress for a family-friendly institution is required. Attire not permitted includes, but is not limited to, visible underwear and clothing that promotes or displays profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol or criminal activity. You can read more about rules at the Zoo here.

Doors Open

The Memphis Zoo is open every day rain or shine for regular visiting hours between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (with gates closing at 5 pm). For all other events, doors will typically open one hour before the start of the event. Please note door times may vary depending on the event. Please check in advance by calling 901.333.6500.

Drop Off / Pick-Up Areas

Guest bus, limo and motor coach drop off is available in the parking lot on the avenue facing the front gate of the Zoo. Vehicles dropping off or picking up guests are not allowed to park. Waiting time is limited to 5 minutes. Unattended vehicles will be ticketed and towed. 

Emergencies / Evacuations

In the event of an emergency, all Memphis Zoo personnel have been trained and instructed to assist you in evacuating the premises. Always remain calm and follow the instructions from staff members and emergency personnel. 


The Memphis Zoo prohibits firearms and weapons of any kind from being on-premises.


First Aid

Guests may obtain first aid items from the reception desk at the front of the Zoo. A portable first aid kit is available in case of an emergency. If first aid is needed, please call guest services at: 901.333.6500.

Group Ticket Sales

The Memphis Zoo would like to invite your group out for a unforgettable day of connecting with wildlife! From the gate opening to the sun setting, your group will be engaged to educate, inspire and appreciate the biodiversity the Memphis Zoo has to offer.  Groups of 20 or more will receive a 20% discount on the price of general admission tickets. To arrange for a group to visit the Zoo call 901-333-6576 for details. 

*Group rates cannot be paid individually. They must be paid with one transaction for the whole group.* 

Guest Relations

Our guest relations staff are here to ensure that all guests have a safe, quality experience at the Memphis Zoo. We appreciate constructive feedback to improve our service and guest experience. Our reception desk at the front entrance can provide you with any information necessary. If you believe guest services is required, please call 901.333.6500.


(Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day)

March 5 - October 17 the Zoo is open 9 am - 6 pm every day *Last admission is at 5 pm*

October 18 - March 4  the Zoo is open 9 am - 5 pm every day *Last admission is at 4 pm*


Who is KultureCity?

KultureCity is a non-profit near Birmingham, AL that provides sensory inclusion training and support to organizations across the nation. Their sensory inclusion initiative is designed to help arenas, zoos, aquariums, museums, restaurants, and other places of public attraction better entertain their guests that might have sensory needs.

What is Sensory Inclusion?

A sensory need is a sensory processing issue where the person is affected by noises, smells, lights, and even crowds not only overwhelming from the sensory perspective but also sometimes physically painful. Because of this, these guests often find themselves isolated from the community. Organizations that participate in the Sensory Inclusion Initiative provide sensory bags, trained staff, and sensory-aware locations to guests. KultureCity provides a social story on their mobile app so guests with sensory processing needs can get a preview of our venue before they arrive.

Why are we partnering with them?

The Zoo cares about its guests and we recognize that any effort to support current and new guests is beneficial for everyone. Along with the new commitment to the inclusion of our team members, one of many ways to extend this to our guests is through accessibility and inclusion of both visible and invisible disabilities. It also helps us reach a huge portion of our community that has long been isolated.

What are Sensory Bags?

Sensory bags are bags that include items commonly helpful to those with sensory needs. KultureCity will provide 5 drawstring bags that include noise-canceling headphones, fidget and tactile toys, communication cards, and an access lanyard. Also provided is a weighted lap pad available for checkout. They can be checked out for free (first come, first serve) with Guest Services by turning in an ID. The bags will be kept at the reception area in the Roger T. Knox West Administration Building. Each guest should wipe down their items after use with the wipes provided.

Where are the headphone zones and quiet areas?

Headphone zones are located at Primate Canyon, the Zambezi River Hippo Camp, the Sea Lion Show Amphitheatre, the Cat House Cafe, and Once Upon a Farm.

Quiet areas are located at the Aquarium and Animals of the Night exhibits.

What is a Social Story?

A Social Story is a series of pictures and captions that provides important preview information to sensory-sensitive individuals. Social Stories for all of KultureCity’s certified locations are on their app. You can download them on either the App Store or Google play Store.

Lost and Found

If you find or lose an item at the Zoo, please go to the reception desk at the front entrance for assistance. Lost or found items may be turned in or claimed at the reception desk. For assistance during events please call the Zoo at: 901.333.6500.

MATA Bus Services

Two bus lines run by the Memphis Zoo, making it even more convenient for guests to visit the Zoo. Bus 50 runs along Poplar, while Bus 53 runs along Summer.

Media/Press Contact

The Memphis Zoo requires all media requests be screened by our public relations office. Please click here to submit a media request for assistance.


The membership program is our way of recognizing your extra support and commitment to the Zoo. If you would like to become a member now please click here and learn about all the benefits members receive. For current members, please click here to find out all the details regarding your membership. *policies and procedures are subject to change*

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your membership please check here first.


Parking at the Zoo is a $10 fee to park in the main lot outside of the Zoo entrance off of Poplar Ave.  Parking for guests with disabilities is available in the main parking lot.  All vehicles must have a current state-issued hangtag or license plate. Disabled parking is available on a first-come first-served basis.

Party Suites

Cocktail parties surrounded by your favorite party animals, silver anniversary soirees, jungle-themed bar mitzvahs, birthdays, rehearsal dinners to a variety of corporate events, including your brightest holiday celebration . . . you name it and, chances are, it's probably been done at the Zoo. We can meet all of your needs from catering, entertainment to rental equipment and more. See the Zoo come alive at night and find out why the Zoo is called "the best place to be spotted in Memphis!" Call 901.333.6571 for details. 

Pets/Service Animals

Pets are not allowed inside the Zoo. Please make arrangements to board your animal before visiting.

Emotional support animals are not allowed inside the Memphis Zoo at this time as per ADA

NOTE: Special accommodations will be made for certified service animals. The only certified service animals that we can accommodate are dogs and miniature horses.

Please call 901.333.6500 or e-mail for more information.

Phone Numbers

Main - 901.333.6500

Gift Shop - 901.333.6820

Reservation Hotline - 901.333.6576

Membership - 901.333.6767

Donations - 901.333.6553

Prohibited Items

Guests at the Memphis Zoo are prohibited from entering the property with the following:

  • Tripods or bipods
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Coolers
  • Vaporizers
  • Balloons
  • Fireworks
  • Drones
  • Glass containers

  • Weapons including guns and knives

  • Pepper spray

  • Cigarettes and cigars

  • Illegal substances

  • Pets

  • Professional audio/video equipment

  • Poles or selfie sticks

  • Frisbees or any throwable toy

  • Beach Balls or pool toys

  • Laser pens or any laser toy

  • Alcohol

  • Bicycles

  • Rollerblades

  • Skateboards

  • Skates or the popular roller shoes, Heelys

  • Hoverboards or balancing scooters


All guests will be allowed re-entry to the Zoo after a stamp has been placed on the receipt given by the front gate staff before exiting.


Restrooms are located in 10 locations throughout the Zoo.  All restrooms are equipped to meet the needs of all guests, including guests with disabilities.


Farm Train and Children's Rides

  • $2 per ride for farm train
  • $2 per ride on CHINA carousel.
  • $1 for children's rides in rides area

Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., weather permitting, beginning March 5.

Rides, train and carousel are closed November 1 through February 28.


  • Persons ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult age 21 or older.
  • The Zoo does not allow balloons, glass containers, alcohol,  bicycles, rollerblades, skates or the popular roller shoes, Heelys, on its property.  Children's wagons are welcome.
  • Appropriate dress for a family-friendly institution is required. Attire not permitted includes, but is not limited to, visible undergarments, swimsuits, unbuttoned/unzipped clothing, and clothing that promotes or displays profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol, or criminal activity. Shoes are also required on zoo grounds at all times. If you are not dressed appropriately, the zoo can deny your entry.
  • Profane language, fighting, or any acts of violence are strictly prohibited.
  • To protect the health and safety of our animals and visitors, the Memphis Zoo is a smoke-free facility.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Zoo. Please make arrangements to board your animal before visiting. NOTE: Special accommodations will be made for certified service animals. Please call 901.333.6500 or e-mail
  • No soliciting.


To protect the health and safety of our animals and visitors, the Memphis Zoo is a smoke-free facility.

Ticket Information

  • Adults (Ages 12-59): $21 on weekdays, $23 on weekends
  • Children (Ages 2-11): $16 on weekdays, $18 on weekends. Children under 23 months get in free.
  • Seniors (Age 60+): $20 on weekdays, $22 on weekends
  • Parking: $10
  • Persons ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult age 21 or older.

Price includes admission to all permanent exhibits (including giant pandas). Additional fees may apply for special exhibits. *Policies and procedures are subject to change*


Tired of walking? Take a guided tram tour around the Zoo for just $4 per person for an all-day pass!

The tram runs during SunTrust Zoo Lights and every day from March through October.

Closed November through February.


Guests may bring small personal umbrellas (22 inches long and under) but due to safety concerns, no large golf umbrellas with pointed tips will be allowed.


Please click here for volunteer opportunities at the Memphis Zoo.

Zoo Gift Shops

The Zoo has three gift shops - the Elephant's Trunk, Bamboo Shop and Trading Post. We offer unique gifts for all ages including toys, plush apparel, jewelry, art and decorative items. The Elephant's Trunk Zoo Shop is conveniently located just inside the main entrance of the Zoo where paid admission is not required.

The Bamboo Shop is located at the end of CHINA, our giant panda exhibit. Here you will find pandas galore, in addition to gifts from China with a special Asian Flare.

At the entrance to our Northwest Passage exhibit lies the Trading Post, which features Alaskan animal-related gifts for all ages, including bears, wolves and sea lions. You will also find that the art and iconic symbols of the Northwest tribes add to the character of this shop.

The gift shops are owned and operated by the Memphis Zoological Society. All proceeds from sales support the operating budget of the Zoo.

Gift shops are open during Zoo operating hours. You can call the Elephant's Trunk Zoo Shop directly at 901.333.6820.

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