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We're having a special Enrichment Day on May 26! What is enrichment? Click here to find out

Schedule of Events


 Time   Animals Location    Activity
 9:30 Tigers   Cat Country Papier Mâché prey animals 
 10:00   Komodo dragons  Dragon's Lair Hidden eggs 
 10:30 Black bears   Northwest Passage Garbage cans and toys 
 11:00   Meerkats  Cat Country   Box of bugs
 11:15   Wombat and Armadillo  Animals of the Night   Large puzzle feeder and live bugs
 11:20 Sea lions  Northwest Passage   Ice treats
 11:30 Panda bears   CHINA   Scented towels and puzzle feeders
 noon   Gibbons and Otters  CHINA   Whiffle balls, ice treats and bamboo
 1:00   Grizzly bears  Teton Trek   Giant ice treats, puzzle feeders and live fish
 1:00   Gorillas  Primate Canyon   Plastic buckets with treats
 1:15  Hippos  Hippo Pool   Melons
 1:30 Giraffes   African Veldt   Bamboo
 1:30 Aardvarks and Bushbabies   Animals of the Night   Large puzzle feeder and live bugs
 1:50 Sea lions   Northwest Passage   Cantaloupe
 2:00 Polar bears   Northwest Passage   Giant ice treats, toys and live fish
 2:00 Orangutans   Primate Canyon   Paper umbrellas
 2:00 Stingrays*   Stingray Bay* Painting 
 2:30 Elephants   African Veldt   Decorated cardboard boxes with treats
 3:00 Wolves   Teton Trek   Piles of ice, scattered scents and food items
 3:20 Sea Lions   Northwest Passage   Toys

All activities (*excluding Stingrays) are included with General Zoo admission. Stingray Bay is an additional fee. Please note that all scheduled enrichment activities are subject to change. 

If you enjoy what you see, please consider supporting AAZK and the Memphis Zoo’s enrichment program by purchasing gift certificates/cards or enrichment items found here. The different animal areas of the Zoo to support are listed on the left side of the webpage.  

Thank you for choosing to spend your Memorial Day with the Memphis Zoo.

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