Have you ever felt the smooth scales of a New World python, listened for the flight of an owl, or examined the bottom of a gecko's foot? At the Memphis Zoo, we connect people with wildlife using experiences such as these in everything that we do.  Field trips are even more fun and educational when teachers add one of our Zoo Classes.  Zoo Classes and Homeschool Programs are designed to provide students an up close look at wildlife and conservation while enriching core academic standards. Camps, Zoo Snoozes and different animal celebrations throughout the year round out our exceptional offerings. Experience learning at the Memphis Zoo! 

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Throughout the year, the Memphis Zoo’s Education Department also holds several FREE, special Zoo-wide events designed to make your visit an unforgettable, enjoyable, and educational experience! Visit our Education Events page and take a look at all that we have to offer. Call 901.333.6576 to register for classes, or email with questions.

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