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Create adventures at home with the Memphis Zoo’s new Ed-ZOO-Crates!

Our boxes ship straight to your door, filled with themed activities, supplies, and instructions for hands-on fun. Each month highlights different themes, so you can pick and choose what is best for you!

What sets the Memphis Zoo’s Ed-ZOO-Crates apart from other box deliveries? Each month includes an interactive livestream with our Zoo staff! You will get to learn with our Zoo Staff via Zoom as we introduce you to animal visitors, explore behind the scenes, and dive deeper into the hands-on activities included in your box! We will also have supplemental videos on our Memphis Zoo Education Channel so the adventure can keep on going.

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Ed-ZOO-Crates are available to anyone and fun for the whole family! Each box is designed for up to two participants. Great for Homeschool Families, Scout Groups, Classrooms, or anyone wanting to celebrate science or explore nature at home!


Celebrate Science: Amazon Rainforest

Livestream Program- September 17th 1pm CST

To help celebrate Amazon rainforest awareness, celebrated on September 5th, we invite you to explore the wonders in this box. You can test your knowledge on rainforest residents, like jaguars and frogs, and rainforest resources, like sustainable palm oil and more. This month, we will address conservation challenges the rainforest is facing and how you can get involved and make a difference!

Nature Explorer: Bugs!

Livestream Program- September 19th 1pm CST

Some bugs may seem creepy and crawly, but they have a very special place in our ecosystem! With this box, you will be given the tools to discover the bugs in your own "backyard." You will be able to safely observe and study them in order to help scientists around the world. Bugs are all around us but the more we discover, the more we can see that we need bugs to survive!


Celebrate Science: Animal Astronauts

Livestream Program-October 15th 1pm CST

We are going galactic to celebrate International Space Week! This month we will celebrate the brave and less-well-known space heroes, the animal astronauts! Did you know bullfrogs have been to space to test their inner ear balance in zero gravity? There was even a frog-sized space capsule to be able to monitor their vital signs! From dogs to chimps, guinea pigs and geckos, we salute these unsung heroes.

Nature Explorer: Animal Nightlife

Livestream Program-October 17th 1pm CST

Animals that thrive in the dark have a good reason for doing it and are specially adapted to get around in darkness. While these animals may seem odd at first, you will find out how neat they really are. We will equip you to discover how these "ninjas of the night" are so good at avoiding being seen or heard.


Celebrate Science: Recycle Box!

Livestream Program - November 19th 1pm CST

Reduce, reuse, recycle... and upcycle! Join us as we delve into the importance of these steps in our everyday life and discover how we can impact the world in a positive way! Learn small changes you can implement in your daily routine to support Mother Nature and reduce your carbon footprint. Together we can save the planet!

Nature Explorer: Conservation Connections

Livestream Program - November 21st 1pm CST

Making small changes to help the environment is much easier than it may sound! This box will give you some tools to make a meaningful impact from the comfort of your home. We will show you some easy steps to go green for the planet, starting with your local ecosystem.

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