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Ticket Donations

Effective January 1, 2010

Every year, the Memphis Zoo proudly donates a limited quantity of general admission tickets to worthy requests from non-profit organizations.

To request a ticket donation from the Memphis Zoo, please print and fill out our donation request form and fax a copy of the donation request form and a short description of your event on your company or organization’s letterhead to 901.333.6501, attention to the “Donation Request”

Donation requests must be made to the Zoo a minimum of four weeks before the event date. Requests that are submitted to the Zoo any later will not be considered. To qualify for a donation from the Zoo, your organization must be an accredited non-profit, and must be based in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. No exceptions.

All requests will be read and considered on an individual basis; however, not all requests can be fulfilled as the donated tickets are in limited supply. Accepting a request does not guarantee it will be fulfilled the following year. Currently, the Memphis Zoo only accepts requests for the donation of general admission tickets and requests are limited to no more than four tickets.


  1. Download and print the donation request form [PDF]
  2. Fill out the request form and attach a description of your event on your organization's letterhead.
  3. Fax both documents to 901.333.6501 to the attention of "Donation Request."