Conservation Action Network
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Conservation Action Network

The Memphis Zoo supports conservation-focused research and initiatives through our Conservation Action Network. C.A.N. is funded through voluntary round-ups when you make purchases in our gift shops, by special fundraising events, and through your earmarked donations. Lead by our staff, often in collaboration with colleagues around the world, C.A.N. provides annual grants after a thorough scientific review to insure that your conservation dollars are having maximum impact on recovering and preserving imperiled animal species. You can make a a real contribution to conservation by supporting C.A.N.

C.A.N. Grants 2017-2018

The Effects of Urbanization and Disjunction on a Top Predator (Spatial Ecology of Copperheads in Overton Park). PI: Malle Carrasco-Harris (University of Memphis), Co-PI: Steve Reichling PhD (Memphis Zoo)

Population Genetics and Estabishment of an Assurance Colony for the Pearl River Map Turtle, Graptemys pearlensis. PI: Abbey Elkert, (Memphis Zoo)

Genetic Comparisons Between Captive and Natural Dusky Gopher Frog (Lithobates sevosus) Populations. PI: Kristin Hinkson (Memphis Zoo)

Tadpole Bootcamp: Increasing the Survival of Captive Amphibians after Release into the Wild. PI: Sinlan Poo PhD (Memphis Zoo), Co-PIs: Kristin Hinkson (Memphis Zoo), Prof. Maud C.O. Ferrari (University of Saskatchewan)

Reducing Pacing Behavior in a Zoo-housed Adult Male Polar Bear.  PI: Kim Sanders (Memphis Zoo)