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Meet a Keeper: Dena Mendino

How long have you worked at the Memphis Zoo? 28 years and volunteered for 2 years. Before being hired by the city, I worked at the Memphis Animal Shelter for 2 years.    What is your educational background? High school and some college    What interested you to pursue your current career path? I had a love of animals, which we all do, so I volunteered in the bird department and I was hooked.           Briefly describe what... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gardening in Containers

Twice a year, we change out our containers. There is always a theme to our containers. This year, our color scheme is purple and gold. When making these choices, we had gone through the greenhouse to see what were the strongest color matches. It just so happened that I had a yellow shrimp plant with purple heart underneath. Wow, just think of the possibilities.    I recently attended a Memphis Horticulture Society meeting on Container Gardening. The main thing that was taught:... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Friday, July 4, 2014

Baby Camel Born at the Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. – What’s 68 pounds, 3 feet tall and less than one week old? Our baby camel! The Memphis Zoo is pleased to announce a camel calf was born Thursday, June 12, after a gestation of 13 months.  The calf, a male, was born to parents “Mona Lisa” and “Solomon.” Mother and calf are doing well and can already be seen on exhibit at the Camel Excursion area at the east end of the Zoo. The calf has not yet been named. Mona Lisa was pregnant when she arrived last year and Solomon is... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memphis Zoo Announces Birth of Baby Giraffe

MEMPHIS, TENN. – Visitors to the Memphis Zoo are seeing spots – very small spots – with the birth of a reticulated giraffe calf. The calf was born on exhibit Friday, May 16, 2014 as visitors got to experience the event.  “Marilyn,” a 21-year-old female reticulated giraffe gave birth to “Tamu Massif,” (tam-MOO mah-SEEF) a healthy baby boy, weighing in at 150 pounds. Tamu is the fifth calf for Marilyn, and the seventh sired by “Kenya.” The Memphis Zoo giraffe herd has nine... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Friday, May 23, 2014

Bear Awareness Week: Meet our American Black Bears

May 19-23 is Bear Awareness Week, and on Saturday, May 24, the Memphis Zoo will be celebrating with a fun-filled day of bear events and information.    All week there have been blogs on the different bears that currently call Memphis their home.  This then leads us to the last bear species, the American black bear, which is actually the species that started it all for the Memphis Zoo.  Back in 1906, the Memphis Zoo started out with a black bear, named... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Thursday, May 22, 2014