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Memphis Zoo Adds Eco- Friendly Trams to Fleet

Memphis Zoo is excited to announce it is adding several electric trams to its vehicle fleet. "Not only will these trams help reduce our carbon footprint, but they will also help cut down on our overall operating costs.  We pride ourselves on our green initiatives and these new trams will help continue the Zoo's goal of being more environmentally friendly," said Jim Dean, CEO, and President of Memphis Zoo. The trams are ADA compliant and have luggage racks to store... Read More
at Friday, June 19, 2020

Memphis Zoo Raises 31st Beautiful Fruit Dove Chick

A tiny Beautiful Fruit Dove chick was believed to have hatched on May 23rd, 2020 underneath its parents in a glass-fronted exhibit in the Tropical Bird House.  Due to parents incubating the chick tightly in their nest, it was several days before keepers could confirm the presence of our first chick in 8 years.  The chick hatched at around 3 grams.  It took 19 days of parental incubation for this chick to hatch and left the nest at 12 days of age, still small, but with... Read More
Posted by Kyle Strausser at Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bat-eared fox gives birth at Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo has some exciting news from our Cat Country exhibit. Raj and Helen our bat-eared foxes are now parents. Helen gave birth on May 25th.  Raj and Helen are both first time parents. These two were first introduced to the public back in February and have been a perfect pair. This birth is significant for Memphis Zoo as it is part of a brand-new Species Survival Plan. The new family is still spending a lot of time in their den, but the kits may be spotted on exhibit... Read More
at Thursday, June 11, 2020

Louisiana pine snakes bred at zoos released back into wild

  On June 4th, the 41 Louisiana pine snakes hatched at Memphis, Audubon, and Jacksonville zoos in 2018 and 2019 were released in the Catahoula District of Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.  All snakes were eased safely into stump holes of gopher tunnels. An additional 14 snakes (12 from Ft Worth Zoo, 1 from Audubon, and 1 from Memphis) are expected to be released in a few weeks.  This release is by far the largest release of Louisiana pine snakes since the... Read More
at Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Memphis Zoo Welcomes New Addition

  Memphis Zoo is thrilled to announce a new addition to its Pere David's deer herd. This birth is extremely significant because this species is extinct in the wild. The fawn was born to first-time mother, Piper and dad Freddie on April 2nd.  She is appropriately named April. To make sure April is getting the nutrients she needs, zoo staff is hand raising and bottle feeding her for a few months. April and the rest of the herd can be found in our CHINA exhibit... Read More
at Tuesday, June 2, 2020