Yellow-backed Duiker Born at Memphis Zoo
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Yellow-backed Duiker Born at Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. –     The baby boom continues at the Memphis Zoo. A yellow-backed duiker (die-ker) was born Monday, April 17, 2017. He weighed approximately 10 pounds at birth.

The calf, named “Donovan,” or “Donny,” for short, is the third for parents “Ike” and “Tina,” and the third yellow-backed duiker birth at the Memphis Zoo since 2013.  The family is doing well, and can be seen on exhibit in Zambezi River Hippo Camp. However, both mother and baby have access to their indoor quarters throughout the day, and may choose to be inside. The duikers share their exhibit with “Miraq,” an okapi.

“Although his species name suggests otherwise, Donny’s characteristic yellow stripe won’t appear on his back until he’s about six months old,” said Farshid Mehrdadfar, Curator of Zambezi River Hippo Camp. “For now, his coloring is suitable for hiding in the shelter of forest floors and brush.”

Duikers are small antelopes. The yellow-backed duiker is the largest of the duiker species, and the most abundant. Found throughout Central and Western Africa, these animals are forest-dwelling frugivores, which means they eat primarily fruit.

The Memphis Zoo has housed yellow-backed duikers since 1992.


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