Winter Annuals
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Winter Annuals

You may be wondering what planting choices Horticulture is using for the winter season. With the temperatures dipping into the 20s, it is necessary to pull all our tender perennials (pentas and stachytarphyta) and tropicals (bananas and palms). We are fortunate to have Greenhouses to house our plant collection until they are needed again.  


We prepare our annual beds by pulling weeds, adding a thin layer of leaf compost and tilling to a depth of 6 – 8 inches. We then lay out our annuals before planting to see if we need to add more.  


You are in for a treat with this year’s winter annuals. We have the safe, tried and true pansies and violas. But to give some height to all containers and beds, we are using Snapdragons, dianthus, and calendula. A new plant that we are trying is Stock. The colors come in a variety of white, pinks, salmon and purples. They add a luscious vanilla scent to the air. To augment with color and texture, we are adding Green Winterbor Kale, Giant Red Mustard, Rainbow Swiss Chard, and Sweet Peas. We are using these as ornamental plants even though they are edible. Can you think of others that can be used in the winter?  


As you stroll through the Zoo this winter, keep your eyes on all the annual beds and enjoy the colors, scents and crispness of winter.

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