Baby Lambs Seen through Ultrasound Make their Arrival!
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Baby Lambs Seen through Ultrasound Make their Arrival!

In preparation for lambing season, which occurs in the spring, our vet team preemptively conducted an abdominal ultrasound on our Harlequin sheep in order to be prepared for new arrivals. This is the first time our vet team has decided to proactively ultrasound our sheep.

Our vet utilized a Premier deck chair which helps keep animals comfortable during procedures such as hoof trims, physical examinations, or in this case, ultrasounds! After carefully placing the female sheep in the deck chair, the veterinary staff stabilized her in order to use the ultrasound machine. Each of our female sheep received ultrasounds and we are excited to announce we have lambs on the way!

These ultrasounds will be vital in helping our zookeeping staff and veterinary staff predict when the sheep will give birth. This helps ensure the health and well-being of each lamb born. We discovered one of our sheep was going to be giving birth immenently. Turns out- immenently meant today! The first Harlequin sheep born in 2022 popped out today while on exhibit! You can see mom and baby at Once Upon a Farm with the rest of the herd. Be on the lookout this spring for more adorable Harlequin lambs!

Posted by Jessica Faulk at 3:00 PM