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Zimm and friends now on exhibit


Many exciting things are happening inside our gates, but the one we’re most excited about is our infamous Sulawesi crested black macaque, Zimm, being back on exhibit with the addition of six of her kind in CHINA.

“Sandy,” “Lyla,” “Cedric,” “Lindberg,” “Marie” and “Stella” – many of whom share the same ancestry – recently came to Memphis from the Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, New York. After a successful quarantine, a time for new animals to be monitored to ensure health and stability, the troop was ready to be introduced to its new sister, Zimm. The crew hit it off better than anyone could have expected and were put on exhibit soon after. Let’s get to know ’em!

Lindberg: As the Alpha male (and also the youngest male) in the troop, Lindberg spends most of his time protecting the perimeter, investigating the actions of the Zoo guests and keeping careful watch over his seven-member troop.

Sandy: At 14 years old, Sandy is the oldest member of this troop of old-world monkeys. However, she still can be found monkeying around the exhibit with the rest of them! She’s the half sister to Lyla and aunt of Cedric.

Lyla: As one of the five females in the troop, Lyla loves to groom herself and keep her sleek black fur and distinctive punk-like crest looking just right—a true girly girl! She is also a half sister to Sandy.

Cedric: Ol’ Cedric—a 10-year-old male who is always on a mission. You can find him foraging the ground looking for a snack of seeds or leaves. And, he’s Sandy’s nephew. Fun fact!

Marie: Marie is a female who loves to play. Zoogoers, just look for the gal running around interacting with the others in their CHINA enclosure. It’s sure to be 12-year-old Marie!

Stella: S is for Stella AND social. The species is known to be quite social, and this 10 year old fully embodies that fact. She loves interacting with her roommates, particularly her sister Marie!

So, next time you’re at the Zoo, be sure to stop by CHINA to see Zimm and her new fam-bam! You’re sure to see some serious monkey business going on. And, major bragging rights if you can pick out Zimm herself! She’s the one with an all-black face, distinctive crest of hair and a bright pink, heart-shaped rear. Good luck! 


Posted by Zoo Info at 1:54 PM