Under Construction! AquiFUR Splash Pad Coming Spring 2022
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Under Construction! AquiFUR Splash Pad Coming Spring 2022

Coming Spring 2022, the Memphis Zoo will be opening AquiFUR, a splash pad perfect for combatting the Memphis heat. The new splash pad derives its name, AquiFUR, from the Memphis aquifer, which is the primary water supply for our city with a playful spin for our animals. Since our animals all drink from this water, as do most of the citizens of Memphis, it is important that we protect it and keep it clean. The theme for the splash pad is Egyptian as a tribute to the very beginning of our city. Memphis, TN is named after the ancient city of Memphis Egypt, which was also located on a great river- the Nile. Water is a life-giving source for our planet. In Memphis, we are fortunate enough to have two large sources of water- the aquifer and the Mississippi River. It is our hope to bring awareness to our amazing sources of water here in Memphis and educate visitors on the importance of protecting our future by protecting and conserving water. All the water used at the AquiFUR will be reclaimed and recirculated through a state-of-the-art filtration system.

The AquiFUR will be an immersive, zero-depth water play area with slides, dump-buckets, interactive water toys, and even a special section just for toddlers. Over the years our visitors have repeatedly demonstrated that they enjoy the few water features at the zoo. We wanted to be a safe place that can be enjoyed by all even during the extremely hot days we experience in Memphis. AquiFUR should provide a great oasis for our younger visitors and their parents to cool off while spending a fun filled day at the zoo. The AquiFUR will feature luxury cabanas and party rooms great for families, groups, birthday parties, and other events. 

When we near the opening day, we will host an exclusive member preview before opening to the public. Stay tuned for more details as we near the opening in Spring 2022!

Posted by Jessica Faulk at 12:00 PM