Topiaries Add So Much to a Landscape
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Topiaries Add So Much to a Landscape

Topiaries are structures a gardener can add to their landscape. They can become permanent structures or temporary. Horticulture has placed 10 topiaries throughout the zoo. Ours are in animal shapes and close to the animal size (some a little larger, some a little smaller), but topiaries can be in any shape or size.   

Most topiaries begin with rebar bent into the desired position and size. Then a chicken wire mesh is fitted around the rebar using small welds or wire. Sphagnum moss is filled inside the structure. Plants are then lodged in the sphagnum.  

To plant a topiary, a gardener can use any kind of plant such as vines, succulents or coleus. We used small metal poles about one foot long with a sharp end and poked holes into the sphagnum moss. In the open hole, we used a small cutting of whatever desired plant pushed into the hole. Our Lion topiary has several different plants used throughout. The mane is a mixture of purple trailing verbena and purple heart. The body is planted with Sedum rupestre.  

Maintenance on topiaries is fairly easy if you keep up with it daily or weekly. The structure needs watering each day. Throughout the growing season, a trim may be required. Or if vines were used, hair clips to pin in place all new growth. Liquid fertilizer is best to lessen burns to plants. Monthly fertilizer is desired.  

See how many of the topiaries you can find throughout the zoo. Send us pictures of you and your family with a topiary. Enjoy your visit to the Memphis Zoo.


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