The Impossible Sleepover Book on Sale Now!
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The Impossible Sleepover Book on Sale Now!

Maggie the rhino knows all about sleepovers! However, she doesn’t know anything about the new zoo animals, Daisy the zebra and Inez the oryx.  These new animals aren’t anything like Maggie! Will they be able to get along? This endearing children’s story is a celebration of how we can be entirely different and yet find similarities in each other to become best pals. Author, Amy Sharp, elegantly paints the picture of what truly happened here at the zoo. In the zoo’s effort to mimic life in the wild, rhinos, zebras, and oryx were introduced into the same exhibit in the African Veldt. These very different animals now live in perfect harmony together every day. Join these animals of the African Veldt in an almost totally true story about an impossible sleepover and visit these characters daily at the Memphis Zoo!

The Impossible Sleepover, a just published children’s book written and illustrated especially for the Memphis Zoo by Memphian Amy Sharp is sold exclusively at the Elephant Trunk Gift Shop at the Memphis Zoo. Come pick up your copy today for the perfect holiday gift!

Join us on December 11th for an exclusive book reading and book signing event by the author, Amy Sharp, at the Memphis Zoo from 10:00am - 12:00pm. We look forward to seeing all the smiling faces of our community at this event!

Posted by Jessica Faulk at 9:55 AM