See It to Believe It! Another Baby Langur Born at Memphis Zoo
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See It to Believe It! Another Baby Langur Born at Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. –  Visitors to Memphis Zoo might notice a stately young lady in the Francois langur exhibit in CHINA. “Reagan,” the fourth Francois langur born at Memphis Zoo in four years, joins the Zoo family.

Reagan is the daughter of “Jean Grey” and “Jay Jay,” and was born on President’s Day, hence the moniker. All three family members are currently on exhibit, along with “Tanah,” “Raven,” sister “Rook,” and “Ripley.”

“Jean Grey is an excellent mother, and she has a lot of great help from the rest of the group,” said Courtney Janney, curator. “Mother and baby are doing well, and are currently on exhibit.”

Francois langurs are small primates that tend to live in groups of up to 12 individuals. When babies are born, they have a red and orange colored fur, which gradually darkens to black, as they get older.

Ripley, the last François langur born at Memphis Zoo, made quite the name for himself in 2017. After mom, Tanah, became the oldest of her species to give birth at age 22, the keepers decided on the name. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (RBION) corporate headquarters became aware and commemorated the event with a one-of-a-kind plaque in addition to bringing 10 exhibits to Memphis Zoo for nine days in October. The display was so successful that RBION partnered with Memphis Zoo again for the 2018 spring exhibit. This special exhibit that opened March 3 with more than 160 artifacts and oddities, is included with General Admission, and runs through July 8.

Memphis Zoo has had François langurs in our collection since 2002.

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