Seasonal Activities return to Memphis Zoo
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Seasonal Activities return to Memphis Zoo

Spring is around the corner and that means your favorite seasonal exhibits are open at Memphis Zoo.

Stingray Cove is back and better than ever.

The exhibit has cownose rays, southern stingrays, white spotted bamboo sharks and brown banded bamboo sharks. Que, a large southern stingray with a curly tail, is here again and easy to spot for those coming back to say “hello”. Guests can also choose to feed our aquatic visitors for a small fee, but all are welcome to give the stingrays. Animal Interpreters will also be poolside to answer any questions guests may have. “A lot of people don’t get a chance to go to the ocean. We hope that coming in and having an experience with them and seeing that they are these really friendly and personable animals and they like interacting with humans, will encourage people to help protect and conserve them in the wild,” said Frankie DeCesare Manager of Husbandry for Living Exhibits.

In addition to Stingray Cove, camel rides are being offered once again. Join us behind the Outpost, near elephants for this unique experience. And don’t forget you can also help feed our tallest residents. Giraffe feedings are available at the feeding deck. For more information including times and cost, please check here

Seasonal activities open February 29th and close on October 31st.