Red Panda Cub Contest – MadLib blog entry
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Red Panda Cub Contest – MadLib blog entry

To continue with our red panda awareness education, we’ve come up with a fun MadLib for all ages!   

Instructions: Before looking at the story, first complete the word list below by filling in a word that matches the description to the left.  

1.     An adjective: ___________________________  
2.     A food: ___________________________
3.     A planet: ___________________________
4.     An adjective: ___________________________
5.     An adjective: ___________________________
6.     An adverb ending in -ly: ___________________________
7.     An adjective: ___________________________
8.     An adverb: ___________________________
9.     A number: ___________________________
10. A feeling: ___________________________
11. An action verb ending in -ing: ___________________________
12. An adjective: ___________________________
13. An action verb ending in -ing: ___________________________
14. A plural noun/thing: ___________________________
15. An action verb ending in -ing: ___________________________
16. An animal: ___________________________
17. A thing: ___________________________
18. A number: ___________________________
19. A verb ending in -ing: ___________________________
20. An action verb: ___________________________
21. A feeling: ___________________________   

Next, copy and paste the story below into a post on the Memphis Zoo’s Facebook page, filling in the corresponding word from the word list. Share with others!   Have fun!   

 The Mystery of the Red Panda 

There once was a (1.)_________________ red panda who loved to eat (2.) _________________ at the (3.) _________________ Zoo. This was (4.) _________________ because red pandas like to eat bamboo. While zookeepers were (5.) _________________ by his odd behavior; they (6.) _________________ watched his every move to see if it might just be because the bamboo was a (7.) _________________ flavor.   To their (8.) _________________ surprise, this red panda was not your typical red panda in many ways. So, they continued to watch him for (9.) _________________ days. They were very (10.) _________________ to see what his behavior was all about. Look at what they found out!   ·      He likes to run around on the ground, instead of (11.) _________________ in the treetops. ·      He likes to make a loud (12.) _________________ sound, instead of a soft one like his pops. ·      He likes to be social with much to say, instead of (13.) _________________ alone out of anyone’s sight ·      He likes to play with (14.) _________________ during the day, instead of with his nocturnal peers at night. ·      He likes to use his tail as a pillow for his head, instead of wrapped around him like a blanket while he sleeps. ·      He likes to avoid swimming by playing dead, instead of (15.) _________________ in the water with all his peeps.   Zookeepers began to think maybe this fellow wasn’t a red panda after all! But who could this imposter be; he wasn’t a (16.) _________________, (17.) _________________, or a doll? After (18.) _________________ hours of (19.) _________________, they decided he was just a red panda that acted a little odd. Because he still had all the physical traits as the other red pandas in his squad. He has a big bushy tail with red ringlets about 18 inches long. He also has an extended wrist bone used for (20.) _________________, proving the zookeepers’ initial thoughts were wrong.   As an endangered animal, it’s rare to see new habits because the species is evolved. However, the zookeepers are (21.) _________________ the mystery is solved!  

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