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A Look Inside with the Memphis Zoo's Top Veterinarian

Discover what goes on behind the scenes at the Memphis Zoo hospital. Join News Channel 5 Memphis as they follow the Zoo's top veterinarian, Dr. Felicia Knightly as she goes through her normal day at the Zoo. Learn how Dr. Knightly and her team work to make sure the Zoo's animals are out living their best lives. Dr. Knightly works to see that every animal at the Zoo gets the treatment it deserves and will even make time for follow-ups to ensure that every animal seen will transition smoothly after a serious injury or illness. Dr. Knightly is one of very few Zoo veterinarians that exist in the country.  These positions are highly saught after, but job openings do not come quickly and sometimes it may take a veterinarian to die before a position becomes available.  Learn all about Dr. Knightly and all the wonderful work her team does at the Zoo's hospital here.