New Year, Same Mission: Saving Wildlife from Extinction
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New Year, Same Mission: Saving Wildlife from Extinction


Saving Animals From Extinction

In 2022 the Memphis Zoo is teaming up with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to bring awareness to the SAFE program. We will hone in on our mission to create adventures and save wildlife by emphasizing the animals who are threatened in the wild. SAFE protects threatened animals by providing a framework which classifies animals who are facing extreme declines in the wild and giving them protection plans. Strategic conservation and measurable goals are important for ensuring the future of these endangered species. Join us as we share the importance of these critical species.


To learn more about the AZA SAFE Species, please visit:


Meet some of the SAFE Species at the Memphis Zoo!

African Lion: Our Pride at the Memphis Zoo consists of three lions- one male, Thabo, and two females, Jamela and Akeelah.

Cheetah: The Memphis Zoo is home to two male cheetahs, Dapper and Donovan, who are brothers!

Gorilla: We have four gorillas here at the Memphis Zoo. Mwelu is the silverback of the troop, which means he is the mature male, head of the troop. Penny is one of our females and she is the mother of Kebara. Kwizera is another female in the troop. 

Giraffe: We have 8 giraffes at the Memphis Zoo. Niklas, Angela Kate, Akili, Wendy, Maliki, Ali, Ja Raffe, and Milele.

Orangutan: The Memphis Zoo is home to a family of four orangatans. Chickie is the oldest female who spends her days out with the siamangs. Tombak is the adult male and Jahe is the adult female. They are the parents of Rowan, whose name means "little redhead". 

Jaguar: The Memphis Zoo is currently home to four jaguars. Philomena (aka Phili) is our oldest jaguar and she is also the smallest of the four. Diego is our male and he is the largest. In 2019, Phili gave birth to two female cubs, Lulu and Bella.

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