Hay, y'all. Welcoming Joli Fille and Peggy Sue
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Hay, y'all. Welcoming Joli Fille and Peggy Sue

In March 2014, the Memphis Zoo’s Once Upon A Farm exhibit welcomed the addition of two Miniature Donkeys, named "Joli Fille" and "Peggy Sue." 

They came to us from the Wee Ones Farm located in Gallatin, TN. Joli Fille and Peggy Sue, are half-sisters, but foaled by two different mothers. Their blood link is through their sire, or father, known as "Wee Ones Ragin’ Cajun."

Chocolate brown colored, Peggy Sue, is the slightly older of the two donkeys, and was foaled on April 4, 2013. Black and white spotted, Joli, was foaled on April 22, 2013. 

Since the girls have been on exhibit, Zoo staff and visitors alike are delighted by their playful charm, and of course, adorableness.  Joli is the more extroverted of the pair, and likes to follow her keepers around their lot, while they clean. She is quite the character and the definite leader. Peggy Sue is a little more reserved and cautious, but a sweetheart nonetheless. They get along well with each other and have been with each other since birth.

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