Memphis Zoo’s Green Team Holds Overton Park Cleanup
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Memphis Zoo’s Green Team Holds Overton Park Cleanup

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – On Saturday, June 29, Memphis Zoo’s Green Team collected seven large garbage bags of trash and four bags of recyclables during a cleanup at neighboring Overton Park.

The cleanup was held from one to seven p.m. Zoo Employees showed up throughout the day—some on their day off, some on their lunch breaks and some after their shift—to participate in the cleanup. Park visitors even got in on the fun, with several people volunteering to help. The Green Team was able to provide bags and gloves to those benevolent visitors who later returned with their spoils.

After all the trash was collected, the Green Team was able to sort and set aside four bags worth of recyclables.

“We think it’s really good to keep green spaces green,” said Matt Thompson, Chief Zoological Officer at Memphis Zoo. “The cleaner the park, I think the more people will use it and it’s reflective of the community.”

Memphis Zoo’s Green Team hopes to continue these cleanups, not only at Overton Park, but in other areas around Memphis that may need a little extra love.

Memphis Zoo’s Green Team is a group of Zoo employees working together to help make the Zoo more sustainable and raise awareness of how to be environmentally friendly.

Posted by Joseph Miner at 4:59 PM