Memphis Zoo Welcomes New Spot-nosed Guenons
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Memphis Zoo Welcomes New Spot-nosed Guenons

The Memphis Zoo is pleased to announce the addition of three spot-nosed guenons (“GWEN-nons”). The guenons arrived from Metro Richmond Zoo in May.   

Visitors will be able to see Jerry (four years old), Thimble (two years old) and Libby (two years old) on exhibit with the Zoo’s mona monkeys in Primate Canyon.   

Spot-nosed guenons are native to the rain forests of West Africa and best known for their white nose spot.   The spot-nosed guenon’s species name, petaurista means “springiest-tailed monkey,” describing the primate’s leaping ability. Their long tail is not prehensile, but helps them balance while moving through the trees. The guenon’s excellent color vision helps them find ripe fruit while their large cheek pouches are used for storing their food.

Posted by Zoo Info at 8:30 AM