Memphis Zoo Welcomes Meerkat Pups
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Memphis Zoo Welcomes Meerkat Pups

MEMPHIS, TENN. –  Visitors to the Memphis Zoo might have noticed a couple of new additions to Cat Country. Two meerkat babies were born February 27 to first-time mother “Sunny.” Among the group’s three males, the father is not yet known.   

The meerkat pups, both males, are currently on exhibit with the rest of the meerkat mob. “Billy” is the gray pup who is slightly larger than his brother, “Rico.” Rico is reddish in color.  

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“It’s really adorable to see how the whole group takes care of the young meerkats,” said Melanie Lewis, Cat Country keeper. “The visitors love them as well. They’re front and center in the exhibit. They’re not shy at all.”   

About the Memphis Zoo meerkats
Meerkats live in large, social, matriarchal groupings known as “mobs.” The current mob at the Memphis Zoo has 10 individuals – five females, three males and two babies. In the wild, these groups can contain as many as 30 members.   

The Memphis Zoo has had meerkats in its collection since 1992, when Cat Country opened. 

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