Memphis Zoo Welcomes Binturong
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Memphis Zoo Welcomes Binturong

Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the addition of a binturong to our zoo family. 

Poppy came to us from Nashville Zoo and is now an ambassador in our Interpretive Programs Department.

Poppy makes a great ambassador animal not only because she’s cute and fun to interact with, but because she has a vital conservation message to share.

In the wild, binturongs are classified as vulnerable, with populations declining more than 30% over the past 30 years. Deforestation due to the palm oil industry is the binturong’s main threat. Palm oil is found in over 50% of the products we use every day like shampoo, make up and food. It’s listed under hundreds of different names. You can help spread Poppy’s message by looking for products with a logo indicating it is palm oil free or uses certified sustainable palm oil. Our colleagues at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo have created an app to help find sustainable palm oil products.

Poppy may be seen in our summer shows, special surprise encounters throughout the zoo, and much more to come.