Memphis Zoo Welcomes Baby Sea Lion to Northwest Passage
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Memphis Zoo Welcomes Baby Sea Lion to Northwest Passage

MEMPHIS, TENN. – Staff members at the Memphis Zoo welcomed a baby California sea lion pup on June 27. The newest addition to Northwest Passage was born to proud parents, “Andre” and “Callie.”  

The baby girl, named “Teva,” is currently being hand-reared by Zoo staff. This is the first successful sea lion birth at the Memphis Zoo. Callie, Teva’s mother, has birthed two other pups in previous years that did not survive infancy.  

“She’s had to learn how to take a bottle,” Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs, said. “She’s drinking a fish-based formula that’s a combination of vitamins, oils and fish.”  

Zoo staff will continue to monitor Teva to evaluate when she will be ready to go on exhibit. When possible, the Zoo waits a full 30 days before any newborns are visible in a public area.  

California sea lions give birth on land, not in the water. In the wild, mothers will nurse their pups until they are around six months of age. Pups stay with their mothers until they are around a year old, or until the mother has a new pup. Unlike seals, sea lions have hind flippers that rotate underneath and allow them to walk on land, where as seals move on land by wiggling on their belly with their hind flippers straight out.  

About the Memphis Zoo Sea Lions Teva joins the Memphis Zoo’s sea lion pack that includes her parents, Andre and Callie, as well as “Skimmer” and “Chloe.” All can be seen at Northwest Passage. During the summer, three sea lion shows are performed at 11:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. 

Callie is 10 years old. She was a rescue from California, and moved to the Memphis Zoo when she was only 3 months old. Teva is her first surviving pup.  

Andre is 18 years old. Andre came to the Memphis Zoo by way of the Gulfport Gulfarium. A victim of Hurricane Katrina, he was washed inland, until he was found and brought to the Memphis Zoo to be rehabilitated. He has been at the Memphis Zoo since 2005.   For more information and updated photos and videos of Teva, visit, or call 901-333-6500.  

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