Memphis Zoo Launches First Zoo Brew
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Memphis Zoo Launches First Zoo Brew

The Memphis Zoo is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Grind City Brewery and celebrate the creation of our first beer, Zoo Brew! Zoo Brew is a crisp pilsner styler lager with lime that is a refreshing drink to have in hand as you adventure through the zoo. The can features a vibrant Louisiana pine snake to highlight one of our most successful conservation programs here at the zoo. The Memphis Zoo has been the leader in saving the Louisiana pine snake since 2010. By purchasing and sipping on this unique beer, you are doing your part in ensuring the survival of this species. Proceeds from each sale will go directly to our Pine Snake Conservation Program allowing researchers to continue working towards saving this environmentally important species. The beer is on sale now sold exclusively at the Memphis Zoo!

About Louisiana Pine Snakes

The Louisiana Pine Snake is an endangered species native to the longleaf pine forests of Louisiana and Texas. They prefer the sandy, well-drained soils of open pine forests. They are the rarest snakes in North America. They are non-venomous with distinctive tan bodies patterned with blackish-brown splotches down their back. Their main prey source is the pocket gopher, which is prevalent in their ecosystem. They tend to live in the holes of pocket gophers and spend more than half their lives below ground. This snake species is unique in that they not only lay the largest eggs of any snake in North America, but they produce the fewest eggs per clutch. This low fecundity rate magnifies the other threats to pine snakes, such as deforestation, that negatively impacts their population sizes. Without the leadership of the Memphis Zoo research team, the populations of the Louisiana pine snake would have been decimated and lost to their natural environment forever.


Posted by Jessica Faulk at 9:00 AM