Memphis Zoo Celebrates Langur Birth
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Memphis Zoo Celebrates Langur Birth

Memphis Zoo is celebrating a new addition to its Francois langur troop.  

Reed was born on August 5th to mom, Jean Grey, and dad Jay Jay.  His birth brings the troop up to 9, making it the largest langur troop in the country.  Mom and baby are doing very well and will be left alone to bond as they would in the wild.  Reed is easy to spot because he has a bright orange head and dark body. By the time he is 6-8 months old, he will be fully dark like the rest of the troop.   When guests visit our CHINA exhibit to see the langurs, Reed may be seen clinging to mom or his sisters. He has three older sisters who help babysit when mom is busy. Keepers tell us this is natural, excellent training on how to care for their own babies in the future. The group is on exhibit all day but is more active when the weather is cooler. In extreme heat, they are given access to their air-conditioned rooms. 

About Francois langurs 

This Asian-native monkey was named after the French Consul in China who discovered the species. These unique animals are known for their distinct facial markings – their faces are completely black except for the two white strips of fur along both mandibles from mouth to ears. The hair on the top of their heads also very much resembles a Mohawk! Langur babies are born entirely bright orange and their color changes to black as they mature.  Along with their distinguishable facial features, these monkeys are also known for their long tails which help as they jump from tree to tree in the wild.