Memphis Zoo Announces Addition of Three Mandrills
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Memphis Zoo Announces Addition of Three Mandrills

After a 67-year absence, the Memphis Zoo is once again home to mandrills.

“Babu,” “Kimani” and “Gertrude,” are now on exhibit in the old Patas monkey habitat in Zambezi River Hippo Camp. Babu, the male, came to the Memphis Zoo by way of Granby Zoo in Canada. The 9-year-old is the largest of the three mandrills, and also the most brightly colored. Kimani, also a 9-year-old, arrived from the Birmingham Zoo. She’s the larger of the two females, and has more of a pink coloration on her nose. Gertrude, the smallest, is seven, and also came from the Birmingham Zoo.

“We are delighted to welcome mandrills back to the Memphis Zoo,” said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs. “We know that our guests will love watching these beautiful animals interacting with them through the viewing window in the front rondavel.”

Mandrills, the largest and most colorful of all Old World monkeys, are sometimes called forest baboons. Most children will recognize mandrills – “Rafiki,” a character in Disney’s “The Lion King,” was a mandrill.

Posted by Zoo Info at 1:55 PM