Meet a Keeper: Travis Caskey
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Meet a Keeper: Travis Caskey

How long have you worked at the Memphis Zoo?             
I have been at the Memphis zoo for 6 years.    

What is your educational background?             
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.    

What interested you to pursue your current career path?            
I have always enjoyed working outside and animals have always interested me.   

Briefly describe what your typical day looks like?            
My day involves a lot of scrubbing and scooping.  In the afternoon, we usually have time to do some training with the animals which is what I really enjoy.     

What is your favorite Zoo memory?             
Nothing specific, but I always enjoy when I can get a break and watch our big male grizzly play in the water.       

What is your favorite animal (and why)?              
I would have to say the grizzly bears. They are very intelligent and catch on to training pretty quickly. And they have great personalities.

Posted by Zoo Info at 10:30 AM