Meet a Keeper: Bryan Summerford
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Meet a Keeper: Bryan Summerford

How long have you worked at the Memphis Zoo?
I have worked at the Zoo since November of 2005.  I started at the Zoo as a nutrition technician and a part time keeper in the hospital.     

What is your educational background?   
My college background is in biology.  I also volunteered in a community service project at a zoo in Thailand.  I learned a lot in that experience.  I also volunteered as a docent at the Memphis Zoo before getting a job here.     

What interested you to pursue your current career path?
I've always had a love for animals since I was very young.  It was just very natural for me to become a zookeeper.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else.    

Briefly describe what your typical day looks like.  
No two days are usually the same.  I could come in one day and be doing normal routine stuff such as feeding fish and cleaning glass, while the next day I could come in and have to jump on a crocodile to relocate it.  

What is your favorite Zoo memory?  
One of my favorite zoo memories comes from when I began my job as a zookeeper in the hospital.  We had a baby sloth that was having to be hand raised and this was one of my first experiences getting to truly interact with an animal like a sloth.  I love sloths and they are one of my favorite animals.  I will never forget the first time I got to help bottle feed it. 

What is your favorite animal (and why)?  
I get asked this question often and it's very hard for me to answer.  I love all animals.  One of my favorites at the zoo is a bushbaby named “Chewy.”  He's quite the character and I always enjoy when I get to interact with him. 

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