Matt Thompson Promoted to Chief Zoological Officer at Memphis Zoo
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Matt Thompson Promoted to Chief Zoological Officer at Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN - Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the promotion of Matt Thompson to Chief Zoological Officer. Matt previously served as the Zoo’s Director of Animal Programs.

In this role, Matt oversees the Zoo’s very diverse animal collection consisting of more than 4,500 animals. He also oversees animal managers, conservation, research, education and veterinary departments. Matt’s position is critical to the Zoo’s success. He leads every decision in regard to animal care and manages the direction of all animal programs.

“As the new President and CEO of Memphis Zoo, I’m beyond excited to see one of the strongest members of our leadership team take on an even bigger role,” said Memphis Zoo President and CEO Jim Dean. “Matt Thompson is an expert with both animals and people, but he also possesses a great comprehension of the intricacies involved in managing an animal collection as large and diverse as the one here at Memphis Zoo.”

Since 1995, Matt has worked with the Memphis Zoo’s diverse animal collection as a zookeeper, assistant curator, curator, Director of Animal Programs and now Chief Zoological Officer. His work has helped shape the Zoo into a world-class institution.

A highlight of Matt’s career was going to China in 2003 to escort the pandas to Memphis. Matt’s interests in animal behavior, animal husbandry and zoo management defines him as the perfect leader for this position.

Memphis Zoo greatly appreciates Matt for his many years of service to the Zoo and we look forward to his future contributions.

Posted by Joseph Miner at 5:20 PM