Mascots and More at the Memphis Zoo
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Mascots and More at the Memphis Zoo

Is your favorite football team’s mascot at the Memphis Zoo?

Football season is upon us, and the Memphis Zoo has been buzzing with team spirit and excitement. With many different mascots represented by animals on exhibit at the Zoo, we have a lot of friendly competition!

Go Tigers Go

Whether you’re rooting for the hometown boys or if purple and gold are more your thing, we’ve had the University of Memphis and Louisiana State University mascots in our collection since 1908. Did you know tigers are the largest living members of the cat family and have the largest canines of any predator? Their teeth are almost four inches long!

Chomp, Chomp

Whether on the field or at our Zoo, the Gators are not to be tested. The University of Florida’s mascot, the American alligator, can be seen in our Herpetarium! These creatures are native to the swamps and wetlands of the southeastern United States. One of North America's largest reptiles, they can grow to be up to 20 feet long and weight up to 600 pounds. Whoa! Check out our blog post, Alligators vs. Crocodiles, for more information on this ferocious species.

Wooo Pig Sooie

Since Arkansas borders our great state, Razorback fans often make the drive across the Mississippi River to visit our Zoo. Lucky for them, we recently welcomed four new baby red river hogs to our family. These fellas thrive in wet marshy environments in central and southern Africa and have been known to mark paths in the forest by marking trees with their husks. Stop by the Round Barn to see Athena and Buddy’s quartet. They are too cute for words!


If you visit Once Upon a Farm, you’ll notice we have many domestic chickens. Can you guess what school is represented here? Yep, the University of South Carolina! This breed of chicken lives in communities with a strict social hierarchy, led by a dominant rooster. Head Coach Will Muschamp, we’re looking at you!

Ribbet, Ribbet

Like the American alligators, the bell’s horned frog can also be found in our Herpetarium. Despite popular belief, these animals are not native to the Texas Christian University campus. They can, however, be found in South Africa.

Roll Tide Roll

As the largest living land animal, it’s only fair that the elephant be the University of Alabama’s mascot. The massive linemen of this football dynasty are some of the most impressive around, much like the elephants at the Memphis Zoo. Did you know these animals can grow to be 15,000 pounds and as tall as 13 feet at the shoulder?! The Zoo is home to three female African elephants, Tyranza, Gina and Asali. Come check ‘em out!

See any mascots we missed that we have at our Zoo? Let us know in the comment section below!



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