Love Birds

You may have noticed our friendly Leadbeater’s Cockatoo, “Hansel,” has a new friend accompanying him in his new exhibit in the Tropical Bird House. His new girlfriend’s name is “Bonnie” and came to the Memphis Zoo in May 2012 from Denver Zoo.  They were off exhibit to give them the privacy during their lengthy introduction process. On September 4th, 2012 these two potential “lovebirds” were moved on exhibit to their little “love nest” to the right of the back bird flight.  “Bonnie” has been a successful mother several times before, but her mate unfortunately passed away last year. “Hansel” is also a widower and has lived at the Memphis Zoo since 1995. Though “Hansel” and “Bonnie” are no spring chickens anymore (Hansel is 20 years old and Bonnie is 28 years old), we hope that these two will hit it off and maybe have some chicks of their own.  Please wish these two the best of luck in their blooming relationship.
Posted by Zoo Info at 2:48 PM