Leatherleaf Mahonia

Another winter bloomer, Leatherleaf Mahonia, Mahonia bealei, is a shade loving shrub. It is a tough evergreen that tolerates any soil combination. The showy yellow flower clusters are on two to five inch long stems (racemes). The blue grape-like fruit (which is inedible) is displayed in April. The leaves are pinnately compound with 9-13 holly-like leaves. It is a great drought tolerant plant to consider when planting a xeriscape. It is also pest and disease resistant. When you want to control the size or shape, cut it back to the soil line. It can grow five to 10 feet tall as well as wide. They are great to plant in areas that you want to deter visitors. It is hardy in zones 6-9. Although it is not native, it can become invasive.


Posted by Zoo Info at 11:07 AM