Lantana camara Confetti

Lantana camara Confetti is currently growing in the Plaza containers situated around the Nile fountain. It can grow two to three feet in height and up to four feet wide. As you can see in the photo, the colors of the flower clusters are pink, orange and yellow. The foliage is dark green and leathery feeling. When you crush the leaves, you will notice a green, citrusy scent. Some find it offensive. I love the scent of lantana. This lantana is not hardy and will not survive our winters. If you are looking to improve your butterfly garden, this is a great choice to have. Lantana is easy to grow, prefers full sun and does not need a lot of water. See how many different Lantana varieties we have planted throughout the Zoo. Want more information on any of the plants you see at the Memphis Zoo? Ask the horticulturist! Send us an email with your question.

-- Connie Shepherd


Posted by Zoo Info at 2:03 PM