Jump and splash around at the Sea Lions Show!
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Jump and Splash Around at the Sea Lion Show!

Did you know Sea Lions love to play and jump around? Since sea lions already love to jump out of the water and flap their flippers, our zookeepers have spent time training these animals to respond to hand signals to cue these behaviors. Not only do they love to show off their behaviors, but sea lions also do this for daily exercise and to build relationships with their zookeepers. 

We have eight California sea lions here at the Memphis Zoo- Buttercup, Andre, Catalina, Teva, Callie, Remy, Gracie, and Zoey. Our sea lions differ from their seal relatives in a few distinct ways. One visible difference is the way they use their flippers. Sea lions use their front flippers to quickly propel themselves through the water, where seals use their hind flippers in a side-to-side motion to gently glide through the water. Another distinct feature differing sea lions from seals is their ears- sea lions have a visible outer ear that kind of resembles a tootsie roll! Most seals have a small pinpoint ear hole that is not as easily seen. Want to learn more about sea lions? Come watch the sea lion show at the Memphis Zoo in the Northwest Passage!  

Our sea lions can’t wait to show you all their fun behaviors at the sea lion shows every day at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. There is also a special training session you can watch daily at 1:30 pm.