Francois Langur Born at the Memphis Zoo
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Francois Langur Born at the Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. – The Memphis Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a Francois langur. “Rook,” a baby girl, was born October 16 to parents “Jean Grey” and “Jay Jay.” This is the second Francois langur born within a year

“The Memphis Zoo has a long history of supporting the Francois langur population and we’re thrilled that this relatively new family continues to thrive,” said Courtney Janney, curator.  “It’s great to see animals of various ages together in such a dynamic group and we’re so excited Jean Grey is proving to be such a fantastic mother.”

Mother and baby are doing well, and are currently on exhibit in the CHINA exhibit.

About Francois langurs

When Francois langurs are born, they have a bright, orange coat. Some scientists believe that this adaptation encourages females in the group to offer care to the baby. However, as the baby grows, the orange fur gradually turns to the black fur of adulthood.

Francois langurs are part of a group of monkeys known as leaf eaters. They have developed a specialized stomach with two chambers to allow for digestion of the tough, fibrous leaves they consume. 

The Memphis Zoo has had Francois langurs in our collection since 2002.

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