Flowering Bamboo

At the Pheasant #3 Exhibit at the China Exit, we are having an extraordinary event. The Bamboo is flowering. According to research, there is not one particular effect such as temperature, water, drought or fertilization that creates such an event. It just happens. Sometimes bamboo recovers and the stand will survive. Other times, it dies after producing seeds. The bamboo that is currently flowering is Pseudosasa japonica, also known as Arrow Bamboo.  

Horticulture will follow this event through to its climax. At that time, a determination will be made whether to allow the bamboo to stand or cut it back. Bamboo is an essential food source for our Giant Pandas. Loss of bamboo for the pandas is a terrible experience. It is interesting to see, but the consequences could be life threatening if in the wild.   We will be watching to see if our other bamboo species or stands start to flower.


Posted by Zoo Info at 11:09 AM