Fall Beauty at the Memphis Zoo
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Fall Beauty at the Memphis Zoo

You are probably noticing at this time of year how beautiful the leaves are. Every gardener is talking about it. There are so many garden articles written about it. This is a great time of year to enjoy a visit to the Memphis Zoo. All throughout the Zoo our trees are displaying such a bounty of fall color.  

Which trees have been providing the best color this year? The first example is the dogwood. Displaying the rusty browns of wood overflowing with warmth. Another brown is Burr Oak. Deep brown leaves drop quickly to the garden floors.  

Oaks provide the regal gold and orange. There are so many different oaks to choose from. Water oaks, reds and white oaks, too, fall into the category. Black Walnuts also appear yellow gold. Sugar Maples are fabulous with their yellow gold display. Big Leaf Magnolia is dropping its golden leaves in huge display by Bonobo-Primates.  

The green of the evergreens is evident in our pine trees, camellias and azaleas. Live Oaks and Grand Magnolias provide another backdrop of green.  

The reds can be found in the berries displayed on pyracantha, hollies and possum haw. Another red that has a vibrant display is the leaf of the Maples. Sumac and Nandina also provide a beautiful display of red leaves for the fall season.  

Ginkgos provide the color of yellow. What a halo of yellow to behold! When the leaves fall to the ground, it looks like a puddle for the tree. Tulip Poplars and sycamores also create a yellow display.  

Check the last blog on what to do with your leaves if you are looking to recycle. While visiting the Zoo, you may want to save some of the awesome leaves you discover for a memory-making page for your scrapbook. The time-honored way to preserve colorful autumn leaves is to put them between two sheets of wax paper, cover them with a cloth, then press the fabric with an iron warm enough to seal the wax paper together with the leaves in between. You can cut the leaves out with scissors, allowing a margin of sealed wax paper around each leaf edge. We always enjoy having you visit us at the Memphis Zoo.


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