Euonymus alata, aka Burning Bush
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Euonymus alata, aka Burning Bush

This is a great shrub to select for its interesting ridged stems. As a deciduous shrub the stems are visible throughout the winter to add a textural element to your landscape. Clump several along the back of a border to provide fall color. The fall color is a loud red that is stunning.  

Currently, Euonymus alata is blooming. They are planted in a variety of settings. In front of the Outpost, in North West Passage, and Teton. First the leaves appear, then the flowers. They are very small about ½ inch, light yellow with a light green center. Fruits are red berries that make great wildlife food.  

Euonymus tolerates a variety of soils. They prefer full sun, but can manage partial shade. Pruning is unnecessary unless you need to keep control of the shape. At maturity, the shrub can reach 10 to 15 feet tall and about five to seven feet wide. It is a non-native variety and can become invasive if not kept in check.


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