Chinese Fringe Tree
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Chinese Fringe Tree

A great accent tree to try is Chionanthus retusus blooming right now throughout the China exhibit. What a spectacular scent. The white flowers are so refined giving quite a show. It grows 15 to 25 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Leaves are rounded and dark green providing a contrast for the flowers.  

They do very well in partial shade to full sun. Some research indicates it can tolerate poor soils and low water requirements after established. It is a deciduous tree. In the fall it creates a glow of yellow. It is usually a multi-trunk, but can be trained to single trunk.  

On your next visit, please check out this wonderful tree in China on your way to visit the Giant Pandas. Enjoy your day at the Memphis Zoo.

Chinese Fringe Tree at China Exit with loropetalums underplanted

Petals of Chinese Fringe Tree

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