Bat-eared fox gives birth at Memphis Zoo
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Bat-eared fox gives birth at Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo has some exciting news from our Cat Country exhibit.

Raj and Helen our bat-eared foxes are now parents. Helen gave birth on May 25th. 

Raj and Helen are both first time parents. These two were first introduced to the public back in February and have been a perfect pair.

This birth is significant for Memphis Zoo as it is part of a brand-new Species Survival Plan.

The new family is still spending a lot of time in their den, but the kits may be spotted on exhibit exploring their new surroundings or nursing.

The sex will be determined by zoo staff in the coming weeks.


About bat-eared fox

The bat-eared fox is a small, African fox known for its enormous ears, which are over 5 inches tall. Their ears help them hear insects moving underground. This species comes from the family Canidae which is a group of carnivorous mammals that includes wolves, jackals, coyote, and the domestic dog.